Craig Stahl is from a little town in British Columbia, Cranbrook, which sits just north of Spokane, Washington. At just 16 years of age, he was recruited to play CHL Canadian hockey, where he played 4 years of junior hockey while boxing competitively on the side. When he was 21 he faced a conflict of interest and was forced to fully devote himself to hockey. The Detroit Redwings drafted Craig in 1996 to play professional hockey. For the next 12 years he went on to play for a number of U.S. teams. After his fruitful career as a hockey player, Craig began looking for a new niche upon his retirement, so he started training with a Jiu Jitsu coach who ultimately introduced him to CrossFit. Craig did his first WOD and never looked back. At the time, he was studying carpentry, so the fast-paced nature of CrossFit worked very well with his demanding schedule. About this time, a friend and fellow hockey player, Tom Wilson, recruited Craig to apply for a position as a firefighter at the Columbus Fire Department. As a strong proponent for mental toughness, Craig loves his job fighting fires and has also enjoyed tackling the title of SCBA survivor and Georgia Smoke Diver. He is CrossFit Level 1 certified, USAW Olympic Weightlifting certified, and takes great pride in developing the programming for CrossFit Menawa. Craig loves overcoming mental challenges and firmly believes that your body will do what your mind tells it to do. Craig has an appreciation for music, loves his family, and the outdoors.
Michelle Stahl, endearingly known as the Chief’s Pocahontas, met her husband, Craig, when he was touring the country playing professional hockey. Almost 14 years later, their beautiful family consists of their two children, Jagger and Neveah, and their two fur babies, Bella and Clark W. Griswold. Jagger and Neveah (2)Michelle is incredibly passionate about the quality of the childcare offered at CrossFit Menawa, because she knows what it’s like to be a mom, to want great childcare for your kids, and to need an efficient, challenging workout. The Kentucky transplant also has a love for 80’s music, good wine, fashion, and the great outdoors, but more than anything she loves her family. She was a cheerleader for most of her life, which shows as she genuinely encourages others to face their fears while striving to meet new goals. On a personal level, Michelle felt intimidated when she first walked into CrossFit, even as a former college cheerleader. Remembering this feeling gives her a heart for new athletes that might feel the same way she did. You can usually find Michelle at CrossFit Menawa faithfully handling the business behind her desk, snapping photos of classes, or greeting members with a heartfelt smile.
To Rachel Young, CrossFit is so much more than a constantly varied workout. It has become a dominant lifestyle that she embraces, thanks to the intensity and force demanded from the workouts and more importantly, the community involved. You never know what challenges and successes tomorrow’s WOD will bring. Coaching is Rachel’s true passion. With her background as a competitive athlete and military officer, Rachel knows that the extra advice, tips, and drive to work hard ultimately make the greatest difference on how one handles life’s challenges. Coaching athletes provides her with an opportunity to offer support and motivate those who want to better themselves. She knows no better feeling than watching an athlete discover that they are capable of overcoming their own physical roadblocks with the help of some added encouragement. A Philadelphia native who holds the unofficial title of the biggest Philly sports fan in the state of Georgia, Rachel graduated from Purdue University in 2011, where she rowed for Purdue Crew and commissioned into the U.S. Army Reserves as a MP Officer. Currently, Rachel is working on her Masters in Sociology at Auburn University. She is also a company commander in the Army Reserves and has one lovable dog, Pippa.
Maurice “Mo” Henderson is a Harris County native who grew up playing baseball and football. With some encouragement from his friend and coworker, Craig Stahl, Mo began crossfitting at CrossFit Inception in 2011. Almost instantly, he was drawn to the competitive nature and friendly comradely of the athletes, which he finds similar to the community he experiences with his fellow firefighters at the Columbus Fire Department. There is a lot of overlap that naturally exists between his job at the fire department and CrossFit, which is something he finds extremely motivating. For example, Mo uses his favorite movement, the clean and jerk, to move patients, or a muscle up to pull himself into an attic while fighting a fire. He loves the functionality of CrossFit and how it organically translates to everyday movement. His background in coaching athletes began with traveling baseball team. In August of 2014, after a few years of competitively doing CrossFit, he earned his CrossFit Level 1 certification and began coaching at CrossFit Menawa. He is also a HAZMAT technician and a SCBA survivor. Mo loves working with like-minded people who want to accomplish difficult things while improving their overall health and wellness. He has one dog, Roxy, and loves the Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons.
Joey Henderson found CrossFit through his good friend and fellow firefighter, Craig Stahl. In 2011 Craig and Joey began learning the sport at CrossFit Inception. Soon thereafter, they started studying for their CrossFit Level 1 certifications, which they quickly earned. In addition to his CrossFit Level 1 certification, Joey is also USAW weightlifting certified, and a SCBA survivor. He is on the dive and rescue team and is HAZMAT certified for the Columbus Fire Department. Coach Joey finds CrossFit extremely humbling and is constantly reminded that he needs to run his own race, instead of getting caught up in what others are doing. As a coach, he is passionate about seeing athletes learn new things and overcome personal challenges. The clean and jerk is Joey’s favorite lift and his favorite WOD is Amanda.
You can find the most loyal coach of all, Bella, snuggled up on the office couch. She’s incredibly hard working for a three year old and never misses a day of work. Though she has a variety of favorite activities, being with her humans is at the top of that list. Bella loves playing catch with a tennis ball or Frisbee and eats just about anything, any time. She lovingly tolerates her celebrity status with the little people who frequent the gym (and obsess over her). Our Menawa tribe wouldn’t be complete without our pup, Bella!